Burrless outdoor wood-plastic decking


With the construction of large shopping malls in many cities, the demand for laying the decking is gradually increasing. The previous lignin products are slightly insufficient in appearance, but they are enough. In the past two years, in order to provide users with the best shopping experience, the mall has attached great importance to every link. At this time they must choose a burr-free outdoor wood-plastic decking. To achieve this demand, from the current situation, it is best to choose PVC wood-plastic decking, the effect is the best.


The price is relatively high

However, with excellent performance, PVC wood-plastic decking, in contrast to other products, naturally reflects its high-end atmosphere. Such products have complex processing techniques and have higher requirements for raw materials and production molds and equipment, so the cost is naturally very high. Although wood-plastic decking can be produced using recycled plastic, it is not much cheaper. Therefore, only large-scale shopping malls with high requirements will adopt such wood-plastic decking, and others will choose PE decking.


How to reduce costs

However, it can be seen that when using PVC wood-plastic decking, if we do not have other requirements, we can control the cost. For example, we can choose a better foaming process, which naturally reduces the density of the product, so the cost will be much lower. The so-called foaming process sacrifices naturally the strength of the product. If the mall does not have a particularly high requirement for decking strength, then this process can be used. But in places where people are heavily trafficked, this is actually not reasonable.