CD-01 Composite Decking Installation Case in Norway



Up to now, wood is not only the main material of the construction building material, but wood composite plastic is also the new building material, which can be widely used for various applications. Composite decking can merge some advantages of the wood and plastic together, creating an amazing textured material.

COOWIN has developed the composite decking technology for almost 20 years, winning the trust and like from the clients all over the world with the proven technique. CD-01 composite decking is one of the top-selling products, which can be designed with 3D embossing wood grain textured surface. Solid composite decking is really a good choice for a house renovation, creating a clean and tidy board with high efficacy and low maintenance.



Composite decking is made of the wood powder, recycling plastic material, and other chemical additives, which is the new method to decline cutting trees for creating the furniture. Composite decking can be installed easily and quickly, people are more likely to choose this scientific construction material to build the house. With high-density composite material, composite decking is much heavier than the purely wooden decking, so it is also much stronger with the excellent bearing ability.