Composite Wood Office Building Siding


The differences between wall panels and solid wood panels are very similar to those of Homo sapiens and modern men. Recently, solid wood wall membranes have also undergone some treatment, but the effect is not satisfactory.

Failure to maintain the maintenance of composite resin wood office building wall panels. In order to achieve the anti-corrosion effect, wooden wall platters need to be carbonized to seal regularly. However, these operations do not change the hydrophilicity of solid wood. In about five to several years, the wood wall will be completely damaged. Composite wood wall panels can be waterproof, impermeable, mold-proof, corrosion-resistant, and the service life can be extended to more than 20 years without installation and maintenance.

Composite wood building wall panels for safety. The thermal expansion and contraction effect of the wooden wall structure board is obvious, easy to crack, and the hanging form is easy to fall off. This type of wall diaphragm is undoubtedly a potential safety hazard. Composite solid wood panels can maintain a stable size between -42 and 75? There are significant differences in temperature resistance. High density, high strength, high stiffness, high strength, “four-high” characteristics are not easily broken. The installation of composite solid wood office building wall panels should adopt appropriate blocking measures unless the whole house and the house are broken, otherwise, it will not fall off.

Economic benefits associated with composite wood office wall panels. The connection composition and plugging installation can significantly increase the installation efficiency and save installation and personnel costs. The dust-removing surface does not need to be cleaned frequently. The anti-fade function can remove dyes, dyes, etc., and does not require sealing maintenance, which can save you a lot of maintenance costs. The dual role of ultraviolet radiation absorption and emission can adapt to regional temperatures to a certain extent, reducing energy consumption.

By comparing these results to the distance of the solid wood wall panels of the composite wooden office building, significant distances can be seen. In fact, composite wood features far more than this.