Different finished products of wood plastic composites


With the strengthening of environmental awareness and the intensification of energy shortages, plant fiber-filled plastic materials have attracted more and more attention. Wood plastic composite products have many unique properties due to the characteristics of both wood and plastic and are loved by consumers. Wood plastic composite materials are flexible in formulation adjustment during the manufacturing process and can be adapted to a variety of processing methods.

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From the perspective of product form, it can be designed as a solid rectangular cross-section or a hollow cross-section to reduce quality and increase strength. The surface can be processed into realistic wood textures and colors, giving users a warm and intimate feel. Or cover multiple colors of plastic to increase resistance. Some products can also be secondarily decorated such as dyeing and finishing to further enhance the visual effect.

At present, wood plastic composite products have been widely used in the construction industry (such as flooring, wall panels, building templates, fences, and guardrails, etc.), the automotive industry (such as door trim panels, glove boxes, etc.), packaging and transportation Industry (such as transportation pallets, railway sleepers, etc.), furniture industry, office supplies, sports facilities, etc.