Green low carbon outdoor decking


Since the beginning of these two years, the concept of outdoor decking has begun to be familiar to many people, and many people have recognized this concept. Because the decking product has completely different requirements for indoor use and outdoor use, if you do not distinguish the quality, the experience will be much worse when you use it. From the evaluation of everyone in the past two years, the outdoor decking has a better performance in terms of green and low carbon than the indoor decking, so many people want to know how it does this.

No need to use adhesive

To be sure, outdoor decking is better for environmental protection and health than our familiar wood decking. This is so because it does not require the use of adhesives during the production process. Adhesives are important when laying wooden deckings. But the best adhesives are also chemically synthesized, including the formaldehyde we hate. Because the composite decking is made by compression molding, it does not need to use adhesives, and naturally, it will not pose a threat to our health.

Recycling and recycling

From the development of these two years, we can be sure of the fact that green low-carbon outdoor decking has a very good performance in the use of resources. For example, it needs to use plastic in the production process, and this part of the raw materials can be recycled plastic, and the quality is no different from the new plastic. The wooden decking cannot be recycled after it has been damaged, and must be disposed of as garbage. One of the great advantages of outdoor decking is that it can be recycled and reused, which is very low in resource consumption.