High End Seaside Wood Grain Luxury Composite Decking Project


A lot of people like to coastal places for traveling, enjoying beautiful views of the seaside. This case image showing the beauty created by luxury wood grain composite decking. COOWIN composite decking material is made from 50% wood fiber, 38% plastic HDPE and 12% chemical additives, by high-pressure extrusion. COOWIN composite decking has a natural look appearance with wood texture, but also various advantages, such as anti-corrosion, anti-mild, anti-insects, inti-UV, and so on. The material of the composite decking can keep itself all year round, avoiding harmful substances. Composite decking can combine various features together to create a graceful surface to match the surrounding environment. It is really an amazing choice for decorating a private house to be much beautiful, the people living there can enjoy the natural beauty of the products.