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How Is Composite How Is Decking Made in the Factory

Composite decking is making an increasingly rapid improvement in the building industry, applied in many fields, such as outdoor square, garden decoration, building pavement, pavilion, and even private house design. The reason why composite decking is widely used is that composite decking is made of the combination substance of wood powder and plastic, which is regarded as an increasing industry in the 21st century because wood-plastic composite material is environmentally friendly and economy-friendly. More and more accept this new type of building material as a smart choice.

COOWIN is professional in making composite decking, let’s a take a quick look at the factory to know how the composite decking is made. Let’s go to know the production process of the composite decking.

Prepare Raw Material

Firstly, we need to prepare raw material preparing the composite decking production, including 38% HDPE (high-density polyethylene), 50% wood powder, and 12% chemical additives. COOWIN has the advanced technology to combine these ingredients to create the formula used to make composite decking, which was introduced from the US and developed here for almost 19 years. COOWIN owns a mature production level to create composite decking with high quality.

Granulation Process

All materials prepared are sent into the mixer machine mixing together, then the mixture will be sent to the granulation machine, granulated into small particles. After cooling, wood plastic composite particles will be packed in bags.

Extruding Processing

The wood plastic composite particles will be sent to the extruding machine under the temperature 170℃, and then shaped into the pieces by mold. The products extruded will be cut into pieces with the designed length and width. What’s more, the surface of the products can be made with different styles including groove style, embossing style, or sanding style according to the requirement of the customer.

Product Test

Next, the products will be sent to the test process, ensuring the quality and specification. There are 4 tests including product strength test, colorimeter test, low temperature, and weather resistance test, every piece of the composite decking will be tested seriously and strictly. The finished products must meet the standard required of qualification and specification in order to sent to the next step of the production process.

Product Packaging

The last step is the packaging, the composite decking will be packed by three layers of the stretch films, carton, rain cloth and fastened by packaging straps to provide comprehensive protection. The shipping mark will be pasted on the surface of the outer packaging boxes.

Overall, COOWIN is trying our best to provide the composite decking with high quality meeting your requirement. If you want to know detailed information about our composite decking, please kindly visit our official website

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