How to Choose a Composite Decking Color? | COOWIN


Composite decking can be used in various applications, with the potential value of decoration, creating high-level aesthetics to match the surrounding environment. Here are various composite decking colors are provided, you can choose the ideal color you want to use for your home court, backyard. 

The color of the composite decking can decide what style your building will be designed with. Therefore, choosing the right color for your composite decking is the first step to decorate your home with a higher level. A bad color can result in fading the beauty of the building construction, it is really an important thing we need to take more time to plan it. 

Here we go!


how to choose a composite decking color


Composite decking is made of the mixture of the wood powder, recycling plastic material, and other chemical additives. So it’s normal that composite decking color is super nature with the real wood texture and feel. The wood-like colors can create harmony between nature and building. 

Standard Composite Decking Colors


composite decking colors


Composite decking colors are designed above:

Rich Color Series: cedar art color, red pine color, red-brown art color, cedar, red pine, red-brown, coffee, blue-gray. And you can choose your own color because OEM color customization is also provided. We are trying our best to create the composite decking with your wanted color if you persist in your own choice. The colors we have are the most popular ones on the market, it is really a good idea to choose the color we provide.