Key points and skills of wood plastic composite


The wood plastic composite has high strength, which virtually increases the difficulty of construction. Taking the construction of floors as an example, the experience summarized in some work is introduced in detail for reference only.

wood plastic composite decking construction points

⒈Calculate the load-bearing before the floor construction;
⒉Some places that need to be strengthened can be reinforced with concrete contact beams and steel;
⒊ The use of steel reinforcement should be careful not to damage the original concrete structure;
⒋The distance between the keels should be calculated accurately;
⒌The keel should be leveled;
⒍The keel and the ground should be fastened with expansion screws;
⒎It is better to bury the keel in concrete;
⒏ Need to reserve the drain groove;
⒐ Considering that wood-plastic has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, the floor should be left with  expansion joints;
⒑The floor and keel should be fastened with stainless steel screws;
⒒The longitudinal direction of the floor also needs to reserve expansion joints, and the size of the gap should be reasonably designed according to the temperature at the time of use, the  expansion coefficient of the material, and the length of the material;
⒓The plate should be fastened to the keel with 2 stainless steel screws;
⒔Because wood plastic has the characteristics of slight thermal expansion and contraction, plus consideration of cleaning and other reasons, during the installation of wood plastic profiles, there must be an appropriate gap between the sides and sides, end to end;
⒕When installing wood-plastic flooring, it is best to install the profile on the keel;
⒖When there is an inclination between the profile and the keel, or if it is installed in the bath, please reduce the distance between the keels by at least 10 cm.