Some Potentially Serious Problems We Have to Know about Wood Decking



From the very beginning, wood material is widely used in various fields, especially building the field, which is the main factor resulting in the loss of green plants. We simply choose the wood material to create everything we need, but we must admit facing the challenges given by nature. For further development, we must search for a better replacement for wood.


Decking products are important in house building and decoration, wood decking is one of the mainstream products. We can look at some frequent problems of wood decking in the following:



The traditional decking is made of press-treated natural wood board, the splinter is a natural fragment of the wood surface which is a kind of sharp object. The splinter is too sharp and hard to hurt your skin, by penetrating your skin deeply. It is hard to be removed, and it can’t be dissolved naturally.


Fading color

As time goes by, the wood decking exposed to the sun and rain will be faded. Color fading will mostly occur as the wood is exposed to the Ultraviolet rays directly from the sunlight over time. The aged wood decking looks older and older, which is not beautiful enough to be used continually for decoration. We need to do a lot of work coating the surface of the wood decking regularly to make it spick-and-span all the time.


High maintenance

Compared with composite decking, wood decking needs much more maintenance work to protect it from all these aged problems, including wood surface splintering, color fading, texture aging, etc. wood decking will become weaker and weaker without fussy maintenance. Proper maintenance is needed frequently, don’t be tired of it if you choose the wood decking at the beginning.


Hazardous chemicals

In order to protect wood decking from corrosion problems, we must coat the surface with some chemical substance which is good for our health. Formaldehyde is the main health killer for us because it can cause cancer if we are surrounded by a long period of time. This is a seriously hazardous we must consider it before we decide to buy furniture or other equipment.