The difference between wood plastic and anti-corrosive


Recently, customers often ask about the difference between wood plastic decking and anti-corrosive wood? Is wood plastic decking better or anti-corrosive wood? Today, I will tell you what is the difference between wood plastic decking and anti-corrosive wood.

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01 Environmental protection
The wood-plastic decking is highly environmentally friendly. Although anti-corrosion wood is one of the woods widely used outdoors, it is not environmentally friendly. Chemical anti-corrosion wood uses chemical agents in the production process, which causes pollution to the environment; secondly, chemical anti-corrosion wood comes into contact with humans and livestock during use, causing harm to human health.

02 loss
The loss of wood-plastic decking is less than that of anti-corrosion wood. Under the same construction area or volume, the loss of wood-plastic decking is less than that of anti-corrosion wood. Because wood plastic is a profile, according to the actual size of the project, the material with the length, width, and thickness can be produced. The length of anti corrosive wood is regulated, generally 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters.

03 Maintenance cost
Wood-plastic decking can be maintenance-free, and anti-corrosion wood generally requires maintenance or painting within 1 year due to ambient temperature, humidity, and solar ultraviolet radiation. In the long run, the maintenance cost of wood plastic is much lower than that of anti corrosive wood products.

04 Service life
The service life of wood plastic can generally reach 8-9 times that of ordinary wood. Due to the high moisture content of anti-corrosion wood, as the use environment changes during use, the wood swells and shrinks, causing internal stress to the wood, resulting in deformation and cracking, so the service life of anti-corrosion wood is shorter.

05 Impact on the environment
The wood-plastic surface does not need to be painted. When wood-plastic products are updated, the dismantled wood-plastic can also be recycled and reused, reducing resource consumption and conforming to a low-carbon economy. Generally, the surface of the wood must be painted or painted with water-based paint after the construction of anti-corrosion wood is completed or during the construction process. After washing with rainwater, it is easy to pollute the surrounding environment.

Wood-plastic decking has superior physical, appearance, processing, and environmental performance, as well as good environmental and social benefits.