TS-04 Composite Decking for Swimming Pool Project in Australia



Composite wood (aka WPC) has the advantage of being considerably durable and not requiring any treatment. It only requires regular cleaning while solid wood must be regularly treated to last over time.

Composite decking has high strength applied on various occasions, owing to a wide variety of products. Certainly, composite decking is also the perfect building material to create a swimming pool because of its water-proof feature.

Composite decking doesn’t need to paint oil on the surface compared with the traditional wood decking, it won’t release the toxic substance. Without any harmful substance, composite decking is a good choice for you to keep healthy and safe.

The composite decking material is an environmentally-friendly building material, which can be an ideal replacement of cement or ceramic tiles. Composite decking has no risk of the splinters, the smooth surface of it can ensure your safety while swimming.

Composite decking is a water-proof building material, it is suitable to be used for creating a swimming pool, and you don’t need to worry about the swimming pool humidity could erode composite decking material gradually. WPC material has resistance to erosion.