What is structural composite wood?


In the current construction industry, structural composite wood is often used, but do you know what structural composite wood is? Speaking of structural composite wood is a technical term used in architectural engineering. It is usually used for light wooden structural building main beams or the backbone of houses, so its role in the building is very large.

Generally, there are two kinds of structural composite wood, namely, rotary board glue wood and parallel wood chip glue wood. The so-called rotary board glued wood is formed by hot-pressing ultrasonically-graded rotary-cut veneer along with wood-grain laminated glue, while parallel-wood chipping wood heats and presses the selected peel-cut wood chip along with wood-grain glue. to make. Why is it selected as the backbone of the house in actual house construction? This is mainly because its structure is very stable. After all, stability in the construction of a building tends to be the most advantageous feature. Each layer is crisscrossed and glued at each layer to fix it. There is no such thing as deformation and breakage where there is a significant difference in humidity and temperature, and the maintenance is very simple…

Introduced so much do you know what a structural composite wood is? Speaking of the actual construction, there are some natural wooden boards made of solid wood processing. Its cost is abnormally high, and it will also lead to various wasteful situations throughout the processing, but this structure Composite wood can be produced by using low-cost wood for multi-layer compounding. The utilization of materials is very high, and the strength is also much stronger than that of some solid woods.