WPC outdoor decking to prevent insect bites


For many consumers, the use of outdoor decking has become a commonplace. After all, in many cases, the effect of the decking is much better than other materials. In this process, each company overcomes the problem of wooden decking. By adding plastics to form a unique wood-plastic decking, the overall practicality is naturally a leap forward. At this time, we need to pay attention to one place. What are the forming principles of WPC outdoor decking to prevent insect bites?

Molding method
Many people would like to know one thing. Why should we explore the forming principle of WPC outdoor decking to prevent insect bites? This is actually because different molding modes can lead to different changes in the quality of the product. For example, the best one of the products offered on the market is produced by compression molding. This product provides the advantages of good dimensional accuracy and smooth surface, which will play a better role in specific use.

Injection molding and extrusion
In addition to compression molding, many companies today also use injection molding or extrusion molding when producing WPC outdoor decking that prevents insect bites. These two methods generally work very well, the products offered to us are very good in practicality, and their production costs are lower compared to compression molding. Such a product is not much different from the molding in terms of performance, but the shape design of the product will have many problems, and the appearance will be discounted, but it will not affect the use.